Thanksgiving Waves

Since there\’s no real official Thanksgiving song, I\’d like to nominate \”Thanksgiving Waves,\” from Eef Barzelay\’s album \”Bitter Honey.\” This suggestion is slightly tongue-in-cheek, as the lyrics are darkly disturbing and may give you nightmares.  Here, listen. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] As a side note, I never really understood what the term […]


I cannot explain why I find this so amazing.  Yet I can not turn away. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video There are no jokes, and it barely has any meaning.  It is simply Dan Aykroyd rambling on about enlightenment and higher planes of knowledge while attempting to sell […]

Important Breaking Packers News

Did you know that every time AARON RODGERS plays a professional football game, he\’s actually playing against BRETT FAVRE?  It\’s true – because TONY KORNHEISER told me so, and he is on television, so he has to be right. Since you\’re clearly not as smart as TONY KORNHEISER, you might ask yourself stupid questions, such […]

The Greatest Game Ever Played

At the behest of one of my friends, I recently began reading the 2007 edition of \”The Best American Sports Writing,\” edited by my boy David Maraniss.  For the first time last year, one of the selections actually came from a blog – and I loved it.  Read here about the Greatest Baseball Game Ever […]

When Hunters Become the Prey

During hunters\’ week in Wisconsin,  Sports Illustrated issues this fantastic article about the costs to humans and the ecosystem when the number of hunters drops: But over the last decade the North American ecosystem has also seen an unanticipated trend upsetting the always delicate relationship between man and wildlife: The hunters have been going away. […]

In the News

Well look at that – I made the news for something other than sitting in the cole slaw at the Wendy\’s salad bar.  From Sunday\’s Wisconsin State Journal: Who\’s to blame for state budget shortfall? If Gov. Jim Doyle and Republican and Democratic lawmakers now find themselves in a $5 billion budget hole, it\’s because […]