Outstanding article in the Washington Post today about the Eliot Spitzer revelations yesterday. Specifically, it describes the whole routine of having your wife stand next to you while you announce to the world that you pretty much hate your wife. As author Dana Milbank puts it, \”Silda Wall Spitzer looked like a victim of food poisoning as she stood by her man\’s side.\”

\"\"As a pre-emptive strike, I told my wife that at some point in my life, I\’d probably do something monumentally stupid. So she better get her glazed over \”standing by my idiot husband at a press conference\” look ready. She replied that I should probably get my \”being chased around the house with a meat cleaver\” look ready.

The article points out that on the night before Valentine\’s Day, Client 9 spent $4,300 and only used up two of his four allotted hours. All I know is, if I spend $4,300 on a prostitute and I get four hours, that hoochie better stick around and play Battleship with me for the remaining 3 hours and 58 minutes.

The article also mentions that Spitzer liked to do things that were considered \”dangerous.\” Like what? Like sitting too close to the TV? Trying to figure out the recipe for McDonald\’s secret sauce?

All told, Spitzer is alleged to have spent up to $80,000 on prostitutes – an appalling sum. (Any prostitute service that costs that much better also provide sandwiches.) Appalling mostly because he\’s the Governor of New York for Christ\’s sake – he couldn\’t get any free booty on the side? What is the point of being famous if not for the hot side action? He missed out on all the fun of going around and offering hot chicks \”a position on his staff.\” When you think about it, that whole \”governing the state\” thing really should have been a secondary goal in Spitzer\’s life.

More lurid details are coming to light which probably aren\’t worth mentioning. But if there\’s a lesson in all of this, it\’s this:

Spitzer spent his entire professional career trying to show everyone how much smarter he was than they were. And as a result, they\’re all going to come down on him like a house of bricks. It is ALWAYS in your best interest to have people think you\’re a lot dumber than you are, rather than vice versa. Nobody likes a know-it-all.