I was waiting to get my hair cut and reading an old Newsweek article about John McCain, when I came across this tidbit:

McCain does have a refreshing knack for reaching across the aisle. In 2004, he had a vodka drinking contest with Hillary Clinton on a Senate junket to Estonia.


Let\’s back up here. Hillary Clinton and John McCain sat down and went shot for shot? And this was documented somehow? How is this not major news? Who sponsored this junket? Smirnoff?

And how did this drinking contest not lead to Hillary cuddling in McCain\’s loving arms? (To the extent that McCain can actually bend his arms, anyway.) I\’m literally speechless. Are they running for President of the U.S. or rush chair for the interfraternity council?

Incidentally, I am 100% for getting chicks drunk now being called \”reaching across the aisle.\” In that case, I\’d be the most bipartisan individual on the planet. I\’d be the Joe Lieberman of horny college dudes. I was certainly not afraid of trying different parties – especially if the keg was empty at one of them.