Those of you who follow this blog pretty regularly know that I\’ve been at this blogging thing for a while now. For three years, I\’ve stayed up late, slaving away on hundreds of posts. Some of them I happened to think were pretty good. Some of them got some local recognition (of which I am always appreciative).

With a couple of big work projects coming up, I decided to pass posting duties off to a couple friends who I knew had some good ideas. Naturally, the first post by Dr. Emil Shuffhausen immediately hit the national blogs, courtesy of Tom McMahon. As of Friday afternoon, the post had been featured on The Conservative Grapevine and The Corner at National Review.

So, in about 3 hours, Dr. Shuffhausen got about the same number of readers that I get in three months. The total is at 6,000 hits and counting. Therefore, I now officially hate him and and I hate his ass face.

Morrissey has a song called \”We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful.\” I may spend the rest of the day listening to it, assuming I can hear it with my head in the oven. I\’ll keep telling myself not to be bitter – all the way until my car is underwater in Lake Mendota.