Anyone with a Y chromosome would be well advised to steer clear of the Alliant Energy Center in Madison this weekend, as the Madison Women\’s Expo rolls into town.

One of the featured speakers at the event is Jenny McCarthy, who most people know rose to celebrity as a Playboy playmate. Nothing says \”woman power\” more than showing off your great wax job to teenage boys. Furthermore, there are these nuggets on her resume:

  • A sketch on her MTV show centered on her character, a well-coifed business woman, answering the question of \”What did you have for lunch?\” by forcing herself to vomit all over a table (which she then ate on-screen). The direct contrast of McCarthy\’s reputation as a sex symbol and this often grotesque humor is closely associated with her image. This image was taken to a new extreme in her film Dirty Love, which featured McCarthy\’s character sitting in a massive pool of her own menstrual blood.[10]
  • In a February 2006 interview with Howard Stern, adult actress Jenna Jameson said she had two sexual encounters with McCarthy.[11] When McCarthy visited Stern\’s show in April 2006, she denied having sex with Jameson, but said she \”made out\” with her during the two encounters.

Funny – her official Expo bio doesn\’t mention any of this.

Apparently, McCarthy will be talking about her new book about having a child with autism. Let\’s hope her book does some good for kids – although it probably has a lot to do with getting her reputation back.