Apparently this link has been flying around the Wisconsin Capitol offices today. It matches your answers to a few questions up with the presidential candidates\’ positions, which gives you a cold calculation of which candidate you should favor most.

I\’m a little skeptical of quizzes like these, since I think a lot of candidate positions are too nuanced to be pigeonholed into a three word summary. In the case of Mitt Romney, his position depends on the state in which he happens to be running at any given time. But the results are interesting, and should make for good conversation fodder.

So I\’ll shut up and just let you take the quiz.

(Tapping foot, waiting…)

Okay, done?

Here\’s how I came out: McCain, Brownback, Thompson. Joe Biden was higher on my list than Mitt Romney. Dennis Kucinich was higher than Obama, Edwards, Dodd and Clinton (as I am with Kucinich on Marriage, Death Penalty, and Immigration). Contrast this with a guy like Tom Tancredo, who likely supports the death penalty for married gay immigrants.

Not all that meaningful, but interesting. Should give you an idea of which candidates you may favor based on style rather than substance.