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BS System Takes Hold in Madison Schools

If you think things like \”reading\” and \”writing\” are a little too stressful for your young kids, then Madison may have the answer for you.  Apparently a new method called the \”security, survival and self-esteem\” system of child meditation has taken hold in Madison-area schools.

Channel 15 reports (video included):

Jinendra Kothari has been teaching meditation for the past 35 years.  During his classes he would overhear teachers talking about the problems they faced in the classroom.

He set out to design a new type of meditation specifically for kids.  After years of research he developed a system that addresses the issues that all children face: security, survival and self-esteem.

\”A lot of these exercises are designed to bring symmetry to their body,\” said Jinendra. \”Most people see 3S as a simple exercise, but it is not, it is much more beyond it. That\’s why I call it beyond Yoga.\”

The 3S-Smart Learning System was created to help kids control their emotions, while increasing their overall physical and mental fitness.

After all, it is all about your child and how they feel about themselves.  So when they finally move on to middle school, they will feel good about their inability to read, write, or deal with criticism.

Actually, studies show that there are benefits to physical activity and motion programs in classrooms, as described in this paper by WPRI\’s Sammis White.  However, those activities deal more with movement and activity, and less with how to channel the spirit of the Dalai Lama.

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  1. Is there anyway to change the title to this article? The name of this cutting-edge brain-based holistic wellness paradigm in classroom behavior/student self-empowerment system is 3S NOT BS! (3S Smart Learning System: Pathway to Positive Emotions) The 3 goals of 3S: 1) Increase student learning; 2) Increase instructional teaching time; and, 3) Learn how to integrate the 3S tools into your everyday routines, using them anywhere & any time, to increase POSITIVE social, emotional, and physiological RESPONSES to stressful challenges we ALL face daily related to survival, security, and self-esteem. Cardinal Stritch University offers a 25-Hour 3S Teacher Training class taught by the 3S creator & CSU adjunct faculty, Jinendra Kothari; teachers may earn 2.0 or 3.0 graduate credits for taking this training. All registration is through:
    A local phone number: (608)335-5500

    Spring 3S Teacher Training Classes begin April 28, 2008 in Madison.
    Thanks for picking up on this news worthy cutting-edge program; 3S Smart Learning System is going to be featured by the Dept of Public Instruction(DPI) at a statewide Symposium of Best Practices in Health & Wellness Education beginning July 31, 2008 in Stevens Point, WI.

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