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Oh, and Did I Mention…

…that I\’m a \”know it all suburban lefty?\”

I believe this is in response to my post where I say Ludacris really is a symptom of a corrosive culture, not a cause. And I tried to merely disagree respectfully and offer examples. Unfortunately, I wasn\’t paid the same respect. And there isn\’t even a hint of an argument offered in return – I\’m merely called an \”ACLU disciple\” and accused of \”throwing stones from my cushy armchair.\” (Actually, my armchair is a little un-cushy, so if someone has one to offer, I\’ll take it.)

By the way, I still think James Harris is an important addition to the blogosphere, and I agree with him in most of his critique of liberals. Now if there was any way I could get him to sign this ACLU membership card…

UPDATE: James e-mailed me to tell me his post wasn\’t about me. However, I am still accepting offers of cushy chairs.


  1. I wonder if people consider me a lefty now too with the whole McBride McFluffle that happened. Very few people actually took on what I said, and only referenced what the “left” was saying… so I have a hard time knowing whether they were just ignoring me, or throwing me in with all of them.

  2. Hi, Christian,

    Regarding you and Harris: His e-mail is credible, since I think he knows perfectly well that you are one of the good guys.

    And I disagreed with you on this issue too, and I know you are one of the good guys.

    We are all pretty much on the same page, but we don’t think in lockstep.

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