The Wisconsin State Journal today reports on a plaque being mounted at Sterling Hall to remember Robert Fassnacht, who was killed when anti-Vietnam War protesters bombed the University of Wisconsin-Madison building in 1970.

This prompted me to go back and revisit information about the bombing, and I ran across this State Journal website that compiled many of the original press accounts of the bombing and trial. Check out the media links on the left side of the page – some of it is truly chilling reading, including this passage:

In an April 1995 Wisconsin State Journal story, Karl Armstrong reflected on the bombing by saying, “It was something that tore the community apart. After the bombing, people stood back and took a look at the violence on both sides.\’\’

Lastly, check out this guy, who was student body president at the time. Clearly, he\’s a hippie, but he\’s urging students to arm themselves in the wake of the bombing. His comments are incomprehensible.