In news likely only interesting to me:

My family\’s origins are in Park Falls, Wisconsin. I\’ve been told the Schneiders up there pretty much run the place. I have a sister who is attempting to write a family history, and through interviews dug up this little piece of trivia:

My great grandfather William lived in Park Falls and was a determined liberal Democrat. He openly despised Republicans. Supposedly, he ran for local office quite a few times and never actually won anything. However, according to family lore, John F. Kennedy actually visited Grandpa William in his home twice – once, during the 1960 campaign, and again after Kennedy was elected President. Apparently, a Park Falls Herald newspaper photo exists of the two of them together in my gramps\’ home.

Here\’s a photo my sis dug up of Grandpa Bill keeping it real – The resemblance is obvious, since this is how I wear my pants: