While the Wisconsin Legislature continues to struggle with allowing individuals to carry firearms to protect themselves, I think I\’ve found a middle ground.   There\’s no doubt that Democrats and Republicans alike can agree that we should let people carry concealed pitchforks.

From Madison:

Madison police responded to a call early Tuesday morning about a scuffle in which pitchforks and knives were drawn to stop vandals from ruining a tent near a fraternity on the 200 block of Lakelawn Plaza near Langdon Street.

Police said only threats were exchanged and no participants suffered injury. The report said an officer at the scene of the crime heard somebody say, \”I just had a pitchfork pulled on me.\”

This may be new to the people of Madison, but this is the type of violence rural communities been putting up with from rough farmer gangs for years.  Be thankful you haven\’t been the victim of a drive-by pitchforking.