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Disturbing the Brewer Balance

As a friend of mine keeps saying, I\’m not sure whether I can live in a world where the Brewers are the best team in baseball. It\’s totally throwing off my balance. Up is down, left is right. Literally, nothing would suprise me any more. If I got home and the squirrels in my yard started giving me investment advice, it wouldn\’t surprise me one bit. Before you know it, even Neil Heinen will begin to make sense. Once that happens, the universe is up for grabs.

I generally spend at least 45 minutes a day wondering why I root for the Brewers. Now, that time is completely free. I\’ll have to figure out what to do (aside from practicing my robot dance, of course).

And as if that weren\’t enough, the Brewers are getting national attention – not because of their play on the field, but because of this:


Yes, friends – that would be a 12-person beer bong unveiled in the Miller Park parking lot. An engineering feat of epic proportions. This contraption has now replaced the Calatrava as Milwaukee\’s signature architectural monument.

Oh, and special thanks to the Chorizo for showing up for work yesterday.

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  1. I’m fairly certain that agreeing with Neil Heinen is the first sign of suffering a stroke. Should you start to agree with him, start chewing aspirin immediately.

    Or find a 12-person beer bong.


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