I\’m still working on that stoplight post York requested but there are just so many other things to talk about. So many things.

But what I really want is to give York\’s readers something to think about this weekend. You have to think on the weekends too. To keep your mind nimble and bendy.

So why not think about Professional Rock Paper Scissors:

Now…I\’m not one to criticize. I once purchased a textbook on arm wrestling. (It was worth it. I\’ve never lost to a girl). But lets move on. Stop looking at me.

There are apparently a variety of legitimate strategies involved in RPS if you know what you\’re doing. And it is clearly a very sexy sport (as evidenced by the partial boob in the above logo).

But seriously…should we really allow people to compete professionally at just anything? If we let the camel\’s nose under the tent on this one, pretty soon EVERYONE will be a professional of one sort or another. And then what will we call the people with actual talent? Anyway, think about it.