I don\’t really have much to say about the now infamous gubernatorial commercial featuring impartial observer Michael J. Fox that other blogs won\’t cover in detail. With all the chatter it has produced, Doyle probably doesn\’t need to run it a single time. I certainly think the ad says a lot more about Jim Doyle than it does about Michael J. Fox. One is a poor guy pleading for his life, while the other is willing to cash in on that desperation.

I was going to crack a joke about Doyle\’s next ad being Tina Yothers pleading for stem cells to cure her fatness – she\’s on Celebrity Fit Club 4 – which led to this instant messenger discussion with my pal Evil Grossmouth. We sound like we\’re out getting our nails done at the salon.

York: Will stem cells cure Tina Yothers\’ obesity?

York: She\’s on \”Celebrity Fit Club 4\”

York: HUGE

Grossmouth: She was kind of huge right around Family Ties time, wasn\’t she? or is that a recent thing?

York: I think that\’s pretty recent.

Grossmouth: Interesting.

Grossmouth: By what definition is Tina Yothers a celebrity? (looks up VH1 Website)

Grossmouth: OK, so the Snapple Lady is a \”celebrity\” according to VH1

York: As is Ted Lange

Grossmouth: Who I have never heard of

York: Isaac the bartender on Love Boat!

Grossmouth: Good God.

Grossmouth: Who is Angie Stone?

York: Singer, I think

Grossmouth: Who is Bone Crusher?

York: I know the answer, but I am ashamed to admit it

York: He was in Bone Thugs n\’ Harmony

Grossmouth: Is that chick from Wilson Phillips? I thought she just had stomach stapling

York: EXACTLY. Carnie Wilson – formerly known as Carne Asada.

York: How fair is it that she gets to be on this show?

Grossmouth: Who are Erika and Nick? I\’ve never heard of any of these people.

Grossmouth: Tina Yothers looks like she\’s auditioning for the role of Monica Lewinsky in a Bill Clinton biopic.

Grossmouth: And what would a fat show be without a guy from the Sopranos?

York: Carnie Wilson is officially the Barry Bonds of Celebrity Fit Club

Grossmouth: Everyone hates her?

York: She\’s a damn cheater!

York: That would be like having a spelling bee where only one contestant gets to use all the letters

York: You can\’t let someone who has had their stomach stapled on the show!

York: I\’m outraged

Grossmouth: How must the doctor who did her surgery feel? Her presence on that show is a walking advertisement that he sucks as a doctor.

Grossmouth: By the way, you should just cut and paste this exchange and post it.

York: I may

Grossmouth: The public deserves to know this stuff