I recently have started eating Froot Loops for breakfast. While I shovel them down, my daughter looks at them longingly, asking if she can have some. What\’s ironic is that I have to explain to her that a cereal with a cartoon toucan on the box and that comes in neon colors is an \”adult\” cereal.

That also conjures up strange images of what \”adult\” cereal is – like, it comes wrapped in a paper bag and you have it sent to a P.O. box that your wife doesn\’t know you have.

Also, the price that the readers have to pay for following this blog is that I get to brag incessantly about my daughter. The other day she drew a picture of Dwyane Wade for me that blows me away on many levels. First, that she\’s starting to share some of my interests. Secondly, that she\’s starting to draw actual things that she sees and understands. Thirdly, that you can be a complete dope and still be blessed with such a great child.

So without further ado, here\’s the picture that your child was likely incapable of drawing: