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The Story of Business: Competing For a Future

A national watchdog group called Bankrupting America has put together an outstanding series of films that highlight the hurdles Wisconsin businesses are facing in trying to grow their workforces.

This once, called “Competing for a Future,” highlights MCM Composites in Manitowoc:

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And this one, called “Moving Forward in Uncertain Times,” features Great Lakes Calcium, a small business in Green Bay, Wisconsin that makes the compound in Tums.

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  1. So the first guy claims that “uncertainty” about tax rates is making it impossible for him to hire. His example: he takes home $300,000 a year from his business. He doesn’t know how much tax he’ll have to pay on that money, so he doesn’t hire people.

    He must either not be paying much attention or is paying too much attention to organizations like WPRI which are misinforming him. Both parties want the Bush tax cuts to continue for people making less than $250,000 a year. That would mean that $50,000 of his hypothetical income is exposed to the crushing uncertainty of whether the marginal rate should be 35% or 39.6%, a difference of 4.6%. 4.6% of $50,000 is $2,300. How many workers is he going to hire for $2,300?

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