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The Fountain of Youth

After I finished college, I already started to feel old.  Little did I know how old I’d feel 13 years later, as I blew through my mid-30’s.

But after reading the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today, I found the fountain of youth:

GOP hopes to reinvent itself with ‘young guns’ such as Ryan

Paul Ryan is 2 years older than I am, and in Congress he’s still considered “young.”  This is perfect – all I need to do is get into the House of Representatives.  I’ll be like the Miley Cyrus of the legislative branch.

Anyone know how I get into this “Congress” the story was talking about?

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  1. Basically you gotta be rich. Which is why there are old people in Congress. Most people don’t get rich enough to buy a seat until they’re older. And anyone who’s young and rich – sure as hell has a lot better things to spend their time & money on than politics.

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