People who know me know that I\’m certainly no lettuce and granola-chomping hippie.  But I am completely open to being convinced that food companies are trying to kill me.

Today over at WPRI, I posted an article about how government subsidies for certain agricultural crops (such as corn) actually distort the market, making it more appealing to eat crappy food.  Subsidies make sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup more affordable, thus making unhealthy food the most marketable to low-income American citizens.  While most people think the answer to health care is spending more money for care on the back end, it might actually do us some good to spend less money on government subsidies for corn.

If you\’re interested in this topic, I\’d also recommend you watch the movie \”King Corn,\” which follows two recent college graduates as they attempt to become corn farmers.  You can watch it free online if you have Netflix:

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