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Did you know that every time AARON RODGERS plays a professional football game, he\’s actually playing against BRETT FAVRE?  It\’s true – because TONY KORNHEISER told me so, and he is on television, so he has to be right.

Since you\’re clearly not as smart as TONY KORNHEISER, you might ask yourself stupid questions, such as: How often does BRETT FAVRE\’S team give up 51 points?  Does BRETT FAVRE now play defensive back?  Doesn\’t BRETT FAVRE have completely different players on his team, and hasn\’t BRETT FAVRE played different teams throughout the year?  You may have uttered to yourself: Don\’t BRETT FAVRE and AARON RODGERS have very similar statistics this year?  Didn\’t AARON RODGERS play a couple games with his arm hanging off his body?

Fear not – all these answers have been answered by the Oracle, MR. TONY KORNHEISER.  He knows better than to muddy the water with FACTS.  And he is allowed to make the same inane points OVER and OVER by pretending there are SOME PEOPLE who sit at home and pretend AARON RODGERS is actually playing against BRETT FAVRE every week.  In fact, there ARE NONE.

Actually, there are likely people watching Monday Night Football that have NO LIPS.  In order to accomodate these people, RON JAWORSKI should have to announce how each play would have been different had it been made by a LIPLESS PERSON.  Since, after all, there are SOME PEOPLE wondering it, they should have to say it OVER and OVER, right?  Since STUPID people are sitting at home comparing AARON RODGERS to BRETT FAVRE on every play, it is necessary to accomodate those people by making the broadcast UNLISTENABLE for everyone else.

This message has been brought to you by Mayor Salty\’s Beard Softening Cream.


  1. Really??? They shouldn’t compare a 13-3 team with a 5-6 team with the same players except the QB? They shouldn’t compare that Favre is playing on a 4-12 team and making them winners? Its about winning football games and about winning a superbowl, the packers mailed it in because they didn’t like the greatest player in their history and now everyone who supported the trade is making these lame arguements. The packers are worse because of everyone else and the Jets are better because of everyone but Favre.

  2. I felt the same way when he said that Rodgers was against Favre… So ridiculous.

    As far as Matt’s comment.. I have to disagree completely.. Firstly, there is no arguing that Favre is the best Packer ever… However, he acted childish in the off season and when the Packers offered to let him back he decided not to.

    Also, I don’t know how Favre would stop the offensive line from commiting all the penalties… or make Ryan Grant be productive all year.. and I REALLY don’t understand how he would’ve won the game last night. I bet he would’ve gone out there on defense and covered somebody, because the Packers were unable to do that.

    Maybe the team would have a better record with Favre.. he truly had a way of winning games.. but as a few years indicated he also had a way of losing games.

    Seriously.. look at Rodgers stats and look at Favres.. Favre does have better stats this year, but not by much. I’m sick of people who just hope for Rodgers failure and blame every loss on him.

  3. Wow, I realize those who love for TT and Rodgers are delusional but now you briefly change history like its nothing. Favre flew to GB to compete for the job and they wouldn’t let him in the locker room or on the field with his teamates. He may have acted like a Diva but his quote was he wanted to play for the team.

    Second and most importantly, everyone from TT, to McCarthy to the scouts and prognasticators picked the Packers to continue to be sucessful because of their strong core of players and Rodgers being a game manager with an abundance of talent on both sides of the ball. If that talent isn’t there maybe TT and McCarthy don’t know what they are doing but according to them it is there. Its then NFL and its about winning today! Last time I checked they were 5-6 in a weak division.

    Rodgers could be a decent qb but he would have been under contract and a decent qb next year. This trade is about this year, weather you wanted to win with Favre or you wanted to roll the dice which they did and lost. Maybe you don’t remember what it was like to be a losing franchise but I do and I wouldn’t sacrafice a season for an unknown and that is what the Packers did.

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