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Election Night Follow Up

I\’m still a little groggy from last night, so I don\’t have any long, erudite observations.  In fact, I am of two minds about the elections, and both of them are hung over.

In 2006, sensing the Democratic wave that eventually hit, I wrote this to make everyone feel better.  In sum, it says we shouldn\’t let who happens to hold any office at any given time affect our happiness.  With Barack Obama as President, it\’s not going to keep me from the joy of driving down University Avenue in Madison on a warm spring day.  It\’s not going to make frozen custard any less delicious.  And having a Democratic Assembly isn\’t going to stop me from crying during every freaking episode of \”Friday Night Lights.\”

So congratulations to the Democrats – but remember things are cyclical.  Enjoy this historic moment.  (Incidentally, I know this election was \”historic\” because all the cable news stations were telling me OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER.  Has there been any presidential election that wasn\’t historic?  Are there textbooks that have holes in their timelines during the Chester A. Arthur years?)

Finally, here\’s my column offering suggestions on how to reform the Republican Party.  I think it\’s more relevant today than ever.

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  1. They drink when they’re ahead, they drink when they’re behind. I see the pattern. What role does the sweet booze play in your life? What deep feeling does it mask?

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