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McCain\’s Free Health Care

\’Tis the season for mailboxes across America to be filling up with mail pieces from campaigns and interest groups. This one from the AFL-CIO looks like something you\’d expect to get from them – a picture of a concerned looking union member and some predictable class envy whining about how rich Republicans hate working families.

But one line in here absolutely astounded me:

\”McCain\’s practically had free health care his whole life.\” – Dave Fecke, Union Worker

Wow. The Viet Cong gave U.S. Navy Lt. Commander John McCain free health care alright, if you consider five and half years of daily beatings and solitary confinement in the Hanoi Hilton to be free health care!

Mr. Fecke goes on to say, \”The difference between me and McCain? McCain\’s rich.\”

I have another difference between you and McCain, Mr. Fecke. You\’re an ass.

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  1. I’m not surprised you would attack an average American to further your own greedy agenda. The only people voting for McCain/Palin are ignorant, ill-informed, racist or greedy. There is no conceivable reason to vote for the republican ticket this time around.

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