With the Brew Crew in the midst of being smoked by the Cubs again, I\’m trying my hardest to remain positive. I keep telling myself that the Brewers aren\’t really in a race against the Cubs – they\’re really locked in a race against the Cubs, Cardinals, Mets, Phillies, and Marlins. So whatever happens with those teams is just as relevant as what happens in this series against the Cubbies. I am also thankful that it started raining here in Madison and my satellite went out, so I was unable to watch Ben Sheets get bombed in the 6th inning. The inclement weather may have saved my life.

But even as you try to spin it positively, these losses are heartbreaking. If someone called me and told me Iran attacked America and now controls the state of Oregon, I\’d probably shrug and say \”ah, we probably have too many states anyway.\” But seeing the Brew Crew fall flat on their faces in the season\’s biggest series is almost too much to take.

What\’s particularly galling are things like this: The Cubs are up 1-0 in the fifth, and Zambrano looks unhittable. Runner on first, one out. Ben Sheets is up, and… SWINGING AWAY? What in the name of Don Money is going on here? Someone should check and see if Ned Yost is betting on these games. That can be the only explanation for Sheets not bunting the runner over to give Ray Durham a chance to tie the game.

Speaking of Ray Durham, assuming he\’s not hurt badly, he should be playing 2nd base from here on out. I\’m sure Rickie Weeks is a wonderful baseball player, aside from his inability to either hit or field. Perhaps he\’s an exceptional speller. Maybe he has exemplary penmanship. If he\’s a great \”clubhouse\” guy, then good for him – that\’s where he can stay. Unfortunately, where he falls short is his ability to play baseball. And that\’s something the Brewers kind of need right now.

So instead of continuing to grouse, I\’ll leave everyone with this oft-linked to ad:

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I\’m a Brewer believer. Son of a bitch.