With Memorial Day approaching, I happened to catch this press release issued on Friday by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Its title:

\”John McCain Doesn\’t Support Wisconsin Troops and Veterans.\”

Honest to God – how dare they. Let me repeat – HOW DARE THEY.

When Rachel Strauch-Nelson (the contact person on the release) spends six years being beaten to within an inch of her life by the Vietnamese, then she may be qualified to even use the words \”John McCain\” in a press release. I understand that Barack Obama himself made this a talking point, but even he should be embarrassed about this ridiculous attack. It\’s even more embarrassing when it\’s made by a bunch of political hacks barely out of college.

In fact, here\’s veterans\’ affairs expert Strauch-Nelson herself (right), during her time working against the gay marriage constitutional amendment:


I\’ve been in politics a long time, and I\’m aware that a lot of these garbage press releases are written by 20-somethings looking to get a cheap press hit. But this is simply beyond the pale. If the Wisconsin Democratic Party wants to attack John McCain for his views on health care, or the environment, or whatever, then they are free to do so. But saying a former P.O.W. \”doesn\’t care about veterans\” is simply indefensible. And it speaks more about the staff at DPW than it does about John McCain.

(Side note: I love it when Democrats accuse McCain of being \”weak on the economy.\” He\’s weak on the economy because he sides with the Democrats too often – such as when he opposed President Bush\’s tax cuts. But since he was attacked during the primary for being bad on the economy, liberals have picked up this talking point as their own – without realizing they\’re criticizing their own policies.)