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I\’m Married to Lynndie England

This cold weather has been tough on all of us. But I just realized how hard the cold has been for those who don\’t have a voice. The ones who cry in silence. Namely, the plants in my house.

My wife was going around watering the plants on Saturday. They\’re all wilted and pathetic looking. I told her how cruel it was of her to just barely keep them alive throughout the winter. Basically, it\’s akin to waterboarding them. My house is now officially the Abu Ghraib of spider plants:


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  1. I’m so sick of the waterboarding references. I’m a former Navy MIUW special forces member. I was waterboarded, locked in a 5′ X 5′ room without light and with stinging ants for 2 days. I was hung in a basket in a tree. Stuffed into a piece of vertical steel drainage pipe that was too narrow to stand or sit in with a steel lid and a small slit for air and many other forms of “torture” for 2 months. All of this was part of my training. Believe me, the “comfort” of knowing it’s only training doesn’t last very long. After a while you begin to wonder if you’ve really been captured. The physical and psychological pain are very real. I and all my fellow operators survived without lasting damage, save a few physical scars here and there. I think the idiots running Abu Graeb definitely were out of bounds, but forceful interrogation of the type I endured is necessary in war. Playing patty-cake doesn’t work. I used the same interrogation techniques on enemy combatants myself (the same techniques I endured) and the information received saved thousands of lives. I wish I had 50 pages to discuss this with you. Please don’t “drink the kool-aid”. I emplore you to do the real tough research and find out the facts before you pass judgment.

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