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Obama’s Self Reference

Political ads can sometimes be pretty entertaining if you look for the right things.

Barack Obama is currently running an ad in Wisconsin that seeks to answer Hillary Clinton’s charge that he has refused to debate her. In the ad, he takes some policy shots at Clinton:

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Generally, claims made in an ad are backed up by a citation. There doesn’t have to be one, but most campaigns add one to look official. Rarely does anyone look up the sources of these citations – and some tend to be quite a stretch.

Obama has pretty much dropped all pretense that he’s citing anything. In the ad, he claims his health care plan saves $2500 for a typical family. The source of this figure? And how do we know his housing plan cracks down on crooked lenders? Once again, it says so at his website, Certainly, a rock-solid source.

To see how noted independent health care expert Barack Obama comes to this $2,500 figure, his plan can be read here.  The plan includes groundbreaking initiatives such as:

Affordable premiums, co-pays and deductibles. Participants will be charged fair premiums and minimal co-pays for deductibles for preventive services.

Yep, that should about do it.

Now if only I could get to tell me that I needed a new flat screen TV. Then I could cite it when I make my pitch to my wife.

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  1. Hey, it’s off-topic, but I came upon this site at and it’s wonderful and funny. And…my wife, a Clinton supporter, read it and said it’s the first thing she’s seen that inclines her towards Obama. Go figure.

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