From Pennsylvania, a great new law enforcement strategy – in the interest of justice (and strengthening the penal system):

Offended by a masseuse\’s offer to go beyond routine rubbing into something downright unprintable, the spa customer went to the state police and offered his services: He would take on the role of confidential informant and gather evidence of prostitution at North Whitehall\’s Shiatsu Spa.He ended up having sex four times in the name of justice.When that fact emerged this week during a Lehigh County Court hearing for one of two spa employees charged with prostitution in the 2006 case, it cast light on a surprisingly common and irony-rich investigative procedure: having civilians pay for sex during crackdowns on sex-for-pay.

Someone call J.B. Van Hollen – I\’ll take one for the team and head up this important investigation, one arrest at a time. Knowing me, it won\’t take long.

Wait… what?