I\’m not sure if they keep a world record for \”most swearing during a weekend,\” but I would have obliterated it these past couple of days. Consider the following:

1. The Brewers
2. Flooding
3. My satellite crapping out during the Packer game
4. My purchase of Madden 2008 (If you play it, you know what I mean)

Incidentally, the 2007-08 Packers are now 2-1 in my Madden preseason. Tough loss against the Seahawks, followed by a blowout of the Jaguars. There is no doubt that this is a positive harbinger for the real Packers this year. Even though, for some reason, James Jones is white in the game.

Also, I am demanding a divorce from the Brewers. This relationship has been abusive for too long. All I ask is sole custody of Ryan Braun.