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Union Fundraising Update

You may recall the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign\’s ridiculous report last month that purported to show that \”big business\” contributed 12 times as much as unions to Wisconsin candidates.  Naturally, the \”study\” was reported as if it were the Ten Commandments.

I examined the flaws in the report in this post.  In fact, you don\’t even need to take my word for it – has a listing of the largest contributors to federal candidates since 1989-90.  Here\’s the top 10:

Rank Donor Total


Amer Fedn of State/Cnty/Munic Employees



National Education Assn



National Assn of Realtors



Assn of Trial Lawyers of America



Philip Morris



Teamsters Union



Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers



American Medical Assn



Service Employees International Union



Communications Workers of America


While these are federal candidates, and the WDC report deals with state candidates, does anyone actually believe somehow unions ignore Wisconsin politicians?  Of course not.

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  1. Look at your post? Did you read it?

    You made accusations that WDC showed WISCONSIN campaign contributions, and you try and refute it with FEDERAL campaign contributions?

    And somebody is paying you to do this?
    Do your business donors you are not doing your job?
    Try that at work, and you are soooo fired!

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