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Brewin\’ Up Some Lovin\’

Today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel features an article about how the Brewers are trying to make inroads with their female fan base by… offering more Brewer-related women’s clothing. (A male friend of mine suggested they could make more inroads with men by featuring Caitlin Suess more prominently – something I wouldn\’t have noticed, of course, since I am married.)

Some professor of “women buying sports clothes” or something is quoted:

\”They know women are just as much a fan as men are . . . ,\” Reamy said. \”Women are demanding this type of look, and they want it to be a more feminine look.\”

First of all, let’s dispel this myth that women as a whole are equal in intensity to male fans. There, of course, are some women that are crazy Brewer and Packer fans. But for the most part, women go to Brewer games to drink and socialize. In fact, women are a large reason teams are building new stadiums – they are trying to attract people who aren’t all that interested in watching the game by offering more off-field options in the stadium. Actual baseball fans were fine with sitting in County Stadium and watching the game.

Furthermore, this idea of women as equal sports fans to men is contradicted higher up in the same article:

“But perhaps the best reason to pitch to women is having an exciting team that\’s drawing national attention – especially a young team populated with attractive single men.”

So wait – I thought women were these big Brewer fans: but they go to games to ogle J.J. Hardy’s butt? I consider myself a die-hard Brewer fan, but I honestly haven’t ever gone to a game in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Bill Hall’s undulating cheeks.

My research on the \”hotness\” of the Brewers led me to the Channel 6 \”Hottie of the Week\” contest, which once featured J.J. Hardy. It seems I may be underestimating the physical allure of the Brewers\’ soon-to-be-All Star shortstop. (If I were unscrupulous, I would make a joke about how a lot of ladies wouldn\’t mind seeing Hardy go \”deep into the hole,\” but my impeccable morals won\’t allow me to peddle such filth.)

Of course, now that I think about it, I might actually prefer watching the Brewers play the rest of the season naked than watching Derrick Turnbow pitch a single more inning.

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  1. Mr. Pelican Pants

    May 31, 2007 at 3:08 pm

    Also, 4 of the Crew will appear on Young and the Restless on June 20th, including that dreamboat, J.J. Hardy. The chickification of baseball marches on.

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