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Gouged by a Nut Roll

I\’m pretty sure I\’m the only one in our office building that eats the Pearson\’s Nut Rolls out of the vending machine in the basement. I can see where people would think they\’re gross, but I\’m a sucker for nougat.


Anyway, yesterday I noticed the price of said nut rolls has jumped from 70 cents to 80 cents.  That would be a 14.2% increase in one day.  Then I noticed a piece of paper taped to the top of the vending machine that explained it:

The surge in energy prices has made processing and transportation from our suppliers significantly more expensive.

So, the vending company is passing on the increase in gas prices on to me, a loyal salty nut roll consumer.  This is an outrage. Businesses should be able to recoup their operational costs on the backs of customers.  Isn\’t Governor Doyle proposing banning the vending company from passing the gas price increase on to my snacks?

You can see the whole vending company letter here.

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  1. I often think that “gas price” is a catch-all excuse for jacking up prices. While I realize that gas prices do affect cost, you’re really stretching the limits of my imagination to say that it costs an additional $0.10 each to ship a billion Nut Rolls.

    If each unit were shipped individually, I might buy that for a nickel, so to speak…

    I think I’m going to try claiming “gas prices” as the reason I only pay 80% of my taxes next year. I’m sure that the State of Wisconsin will be totally symapthetic to that.

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