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Bracket in Flames

Remember when I said it would make the Marquette loss go down easier because I picked Michigan State in my bracket? I was incorrect. That was a complete disaster. A team that can\’t shoot and has no inside game against a tough, physical team that rebounds like crazy. Same thing that happened to MU against the Badgers – not a good matchup for them.

In fact, about midway through the second half, my sick daughter started throwing up in her bed, and it was actually a welcome development – since it gave me an excuse not to watch any more of the game. Marquette played so badly, they actually stopped broadcasting it in HD halfway through the game. CBS was probably like, \”we\’re paying a lot for this HD signal, why waste it on these turds?\”

As for the rest of my bracket, I might as well eat it now, so at least I get some nutrients from the paper it\’s printed on. Otherwise, it\’s a complete waste. I started out 0 for 3 in the morning games, and I\’ve just been so-so since then. There should actually be a special prize for a guy who gets all of his picks wrong. If you think about it, it\’s just as hard to get all your picks wrong as it is to get all of them right, correct?

Now it\’s on to root for Virginia Tech, another one of my former schools (there are only three, although it seems like more).

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  1. The word from Bob and Brian sports guy Steve Czaban is that we shouldn’t have been able to watch any of the Care Bears (or Bucky, or any other “game of local interest”) in HD. Of course, at least my local C-BS affiliate (Channel 58, the worst C-BS affiliate in the nation), claimed the reason we couldn’t watch the other games on the multicast was because they wanted to show the Care Bears in HD.

    Meanwhile, those lucky few who shelled out boku bucks to get a DirecTV-only package get every game in glorious 1080i.

    F— C-BS.

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