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This Simply Has to be Seen to be Believed

For those who don\’t follow serious news, Jon \”Bowzer\” Bauman, late of the musical group Sha Na Na, was at the State Capitol today lobbying for some dopey bill that prevents people from making money impersonating old groups or something. Actually, I don\’t like the bill because it would kill my lucrative career touring Wisconsin as Marvin Gaye.

Anyway, I was wondering which is more puzzling: the fact that people still pay money to go see Sha Na Na, or Bowzer has so little dignity that he still goes around doing this:


This is a picture of Bowzer practicing a little dip-dip-dip-diplomacy with Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald\’s loyal staffer, Brian Pleva.)

It is good to see him staying in touch with his gang member roots. Lord knows, there\’s nothing the street ruffians of today love more than a little doo wop music. That and beating people to death.

Next up: Weezie shows up at the Capitol arguing that fish don\’t fry in the kitchen, but concedes that beans may, in fact, burn on the grill.

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  1. At first I thought that picture was some photoshopped joke…

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