I went to the Built to Spill show at the Barrymore last night, and managed to enjoy a few frosty beverages in the process. Needless to say, my head is kind of pounding this morning, so I would appreciate it if all my readers could keep it down a little bit.

The bright side of my hangover is this study from the Reason Foundation that shows that heavy drinkers earn more than non-drinkers. The accompanying press release says:

\”Social drinking builds social capital,\” said Stringham, an economics professor at San Jose State University. \”Social drinkers are networking, building relationships, and adding contacts to their Blackberries that result in bigger paychecks.\”

The study finds that men who drink earn 10 percent more than abstainers and women drinkers earn 14 percent more than nondrinkers. However, unlike men, who get an additional income boost from drinking in bars, women who frequent bars at least once per month do not show higher earnings than women who do not visit bars.

I also think employees greatly respect the smell of hookers and urine on a co-worker. So since I rolled into work late with an ice pack on my head, I think now might be a perfect time to ask for a raise.

As for the concert? Not that anyone cares what I think, but it was unspeakably fantastic. There was some preposterous video montage in the middle that seemed to imply that George Bush is running secret concentration camps for eco-terrorists, or something. But other than that, it was one of the best shows I\’ve seen in the past few years. It\’s refreshing to see guys that can get up and play their instruments without dancing around for effect or yammering in between songs – they\’re confident in their ability to rock my shorts off. And the 20 minute \”Broken Windows\” encore was apocalyptic.

For those that aren\’t familiar with Built to Spill, here\’s a video for their song \”Conventional Wisdom.\”