Time to get your butt over to MLB.com to vote for the Major League All-Star teams. Voting ends this Thursday, and it\’s easy as can be. It\’s Voces de la Frontera\’s dream – no ID necessary, no proof of residence, and you can vote up to 25 times.

I may be violating some provision of McCain-Feingold here, but I strongly urge you to vote for Bill Hall for National League shortstop. There\’s an assortment of slop at NL SS, and JJ Hardy is listed as the Brewers\’ representative. Hall probably actually deserves to be the starting shortstop, but he\’s not even on the ballot, so you have to write him in. It won\’t make any difference, but consider it your Nader protest vote. If I can get my 8 readers to vote 25 times each, that\’s… well, I don\’t know how many that is, but it seems like a lot.

Oh, and vote for Carlos Lee, too. Or you could be like my uncle with downs\’ syndrome and just vote for all the Brewers. Now you know where Brady Clark\’s vote came from.