Just some random musings for you suckers that came in to work on a June Friday:

I\’m shocked that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed by a U.S. missile in Iraq. Wasn\’t J.B. Van Hollen telling us he was living in a condo in Menomonee Falls?

What exactly does the phrase \”prematurely balding\” mean? At what age are you \”supposed\” to go bald? 30? 35? Can we have a ruling on this? Can a 35 year old guy say he\’s going \”prematurely gray?\”

Have you ever been driving in your car, seen a fine lady far away, then said these words to yourself as you pull closer? \”Please, God… don\’t… be… thirteen… years… old… NO!!!! ICK!\”

Good, neither have I. You passed the test. You have avoided a house call from John Mercure.

Last Sunday, Phil Brinkman wrote a story about the Georgia Thompson trial in which he quoted UW Law Professor Frank Tuerkheimer, who said, \”The very fact that there\’s a trial tells me that whatever pressure has been brought against her to name names hasn\’t worked… I would infer that there are no names to name.\” Of course, a quick check shows Tuerkheimer to be a Jim Doyle campaign donor. Nice unbiased source there backing his boy Doyle up.

If two anonymous bloggers have an argument, does it really exist at all?

On draft night, the Bucks are planning on unveiling new uniforms. They don\’t even have to pay me for my great advice – a couple years ago, they wore some of the old Oscar Robertson era uniforms, and they couldn\’t have looked better. I\’m talking the old simple green and red bad boys. You can\’t possibly go wrong with those. I\’m telling you.

As much as I detest Barry Bonds, I agree any investigation into steroids should look at the whole picture. The first place would be to look at players who had statistically ridiculous seasons late in their careers: I nominate Greg Vaughn\’s 50 home runs in 1998 with the Padres and Luis Gonzalez\’ 57 home runs in 2001 with the Diamondbacks.

Dentists can actually tell whether you\’re left or right handed based on what side of your mouth has more plaque. It\’s true. In fact, I blame the fact that all my teeth have rotted out of my head on my lack of arms.