Spivak and Bice believe they have hit on something with this Newsday report on bloggers trying to get into the print media. I have one message for bloggers who have the audacity to try to move into the mainstream media:

Go for it, homeys.

Hey, I like blogging as much as anyone, but I\’d write for anyone at anytime that wants to pay me. I don\’t care if it\’s writing for the back of soup cans – I\’m game. I\’d even drop the whole anonymity schtick. Pay me, and you can have my name, address, social security number and explicit personal information on all the women who refused to date me over the years.

The following would appear on my resume:

-Unable to cook for self, once ate five frozen pizzas in three days while wife was away on business.

-Universally loved by dogs

-Author of 189 blog posts, over 5 of which are good.

-Can play Radiohead\’s \”Karma Police\” on the guitar, but not all at once.

-Good with magnets.