I\’m shuttin\’ the ol\’ blog down for a few days while I try to break the world caloric intake record over the weekend. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and gets to spend time with their family (although often those two goals are mutually exclusive). If you can, be sure to help a food pantry out to make the holidays a little better for someone else. I mean, who are you kidding – that can of green beans has been sitting in your cabinet for a year!

As for me, I\’m thankful for all of you that have come to my little dopey blog to check out my posts. I\’m also thankful for all the support I\’ve gotten from my new pals in the blogosphere – a lot of them are on my blogroll over there —–>, and a few you will have to find yourself. Most importantly, I am thankful that I am not Corey Feldman.

If you happen to be the poor sucker that my single, chain-smoking aunt drags to this year\’s feast, I apologize ahead of time for the rest of my family.

Happy Thanksgiving!