I don\’t have anything particulary good to share with anyone today (as if any of it is), so I thought I\’d take time out to thank some people who have helped this blog get off the ground. Apparently, Charlie Sykes has acquired a computer virus that keeps linking to my articles. Bill Christofferson, Charlie\’s arch-nemesis in the Wisconsin Blog World, has been very encouraging from the start. Others who are frequent readers and occasionally link to my posts are Jessica McBride, Dean at the Thoughtful Conservative, Jib, John McAdams, Random10, Real Debate Wisconsin, and Dad29 (that guy is everywhere!)

What I\’ve realized is that the blog world is very much like the rap world – one person gains fame an notoriety, then begins linking to others who then start to pick up readers. As I\’m sure you remember, N.W.A. begat Doctor Dre, who begat Snoop Dogg, who begat Eminem, who begat 50 Cent, and on and on. In this spirit, figure my next move is to host a \”Girls Gone Wild\” video.

So, anyway, thanks to everyone who helps keep good news alive. I don\’t do a lot of linking to other blogs, so I wanted all of you to know that I read you constantly, and you all do great work. \"\" \"\"