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911 is a Joke (For White People Now, Too)

Good Morning America broadcast a story the other day about how poor emergency services are getting around the U.S. They highlighted a dying student who waited almost an hour for an ambulance to arrive (although they concede he probably would have died anyway, due to a heart condition). Suburban areas are blaming high population growth for poorer emergency services.

While this may be news to white people, didn’t Flavor Flav have this covered about 15 years ago?

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  1. What we are seeing here is another version of the Clintons’ “…if it saves Just One Child…” routine, almost guaranteed to preclude rational thought.

    Channel 4 Milwaukee ran a series on fire-department response times in a similar vein a couple of weeks ago.

    They quoted some Fire Protection Association (read: Fire Chiefs’ and Firemens’ Union Protective Association) regarding acceptable response-time standards and showed that the exurban departments did not meet the standard. (Duhhhhh.)

    This should be interesting as it plays out. To meet the ‘standards’ of the parties most interested in preserving or enhancing their own jobs is questionable. On the other hand, specifically OPPOSING the tax burden necessary makes one into some sort of ogre.


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