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My Favorite Albums of 2019

Time for the annual “favorite albums” list. Admittedly, this year’s list is heavily influenced by bands I saw at SXSW in March, but they’re all worth checking out.

10. Dehd – Water

Song: “On My Side”

A Chicago band fronted by erstwhile lovers, Dehd is perfectly melodic, stripped down guitar rock. The spareness of the sound pulls the hooks to the front where they belong.

9. King Princess – Cheap Queen

Song: “Prophet”

The only artist on my list that is currently opening worldwide for Harry Styles.

8. Cherry Glazerr – Stuffed and Ready

Song: “That’s Not My Real Life”

Was front row at one of her bigger shows at SXSW – loud and uncompromising, yet catchy and hook-laden.

7. Bleached – Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough

Song: “Somebody Dial 911”

6. Anemone – Beat my Distance

Song: “Sunshine (Back to the Start)”

Psychedelic pop from Montreal – also, their band name is pronounced “ah-ne-MOAN,” not “uh-NEM-uh-knee,” unless they are playing a joke on all of us.

5. Weyes Blood – Titanic Rising

Song: “Everyday”

4. Stroppies – Whoosh

Song: “Cellophane Car”

3. Palehound – Black Friday

Song: “Aaron”

2.  Moving Panoramas – In Two

Song: “Baby Blues”

You probably won’t find this album on many Top 10 lists, but it is impossibly shimmering power pop. I listened to this song more than any other this year.

1. Fontaines D.C. – Dogrel

Song: “Boys in the Better Land”

Sensational Irish punk – in this video, take note of the guy in the plaid shirt wearing a backpack in the second row on the left hand side of the stage. For it is me.

Ahhhh, The Simpler Days

Hit the Clem Snide/Heligoats show at the High Noon Saloon last night.  (Photos available here.)  It was, as all Clem Snide shows are, fantastic.

Before the show, my buddy and I were trying to get together a list of friend to invite to the show.  But we ran into a snag.  We have two gay friends who were partners for like a decade, but recently had a pretty bitter split.  From what I understand, they prefer not to be in the same room.  So we could only invite one or the other – but not both.  But which one to choose?  We\’re equally good friends with each of them.

This is a major complication with having gay friends who are dating each other.  If they split, you have to pick favorites.  When you have a guy friend dating a woman, the breakup process is easy.  You just cut the ex-girlfriend out of the social circle and move on.  (As Descartes once said, “Bro’s before ho’s.”)  But when you have two friends of the same sex, it’s impossible to pick one with which to socialize.

Anyway, I know I keep foisting this on you, but it’s my most favoritest song on the new Clem Snide album.  It’s just unspeakably gorgeous:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

And here’s “Movie Guns” by Chris Otepka, who performs as “Heligoats:”

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

The Podcast Returns: My Favorite CDs of 2008

Readers of my blog know that my favorite post every year is when I comb back through all my music for the past year and list my favorite CDs.  As always, I don\’t claim to be an expert, so I wouldn\’t presume to name the \”best\” CDs – because there is no such objective thing.

I\’m excited this year to do it in podcast form, since I\’m generally terrible at describing music.  So you can listen for yourself to see if you like any of it – and I think I picked some pretty good stuff.

Joining me on the podcast is my friend Barrett Kilmer, owner (along with his lovely wife J.J.) of Indie Coffee on Regent Street in Madison.  Clearly, the best place in Madison to get an independent cup of coffee, or a sandwich.  (He bought me pizza tonight, so there\’s his plug.)

In any event, have a listen.  (I apologize for the echo – lesson learned not to sit in the same room.)


(Or you can download the file by right clicking here and choosing \”Save As.\”)

Chris\’ Top 10:

10:  Gentleman Jesse / Introducing Gentleman Jesse

9.  Flight of the Conchords / Flight of the Conchords

8.  Horse Feathers / House With No Name

7.  Fleet Foxes / Fleet Foxes

6.  Dead Confederate / Wrecking Ball

5.  Army Navy / Army Navy

4.  Blind Pilot / 3 Rounds and a Sound

3.  Vampire Weekend / Vampire Weekend

2.  British Sea Power / Do You Like Rock Music?

1.  Bon Iver / For Emma, Forever Ago

Barrett\’s Top 10:

10.  Department of Eagles / In Ear Park

9.  Spiritualized / Songs in A & E

8.  Girl Talk / Feed the Animals

7.  My Morning Jacket / Evil Urges

6.  Explorers Club / Freedom Wind

5.  Okkervil River / The Stand Ins

4.  Blitzen Trapper / Furr

3.  Bon Iver / For Emma, Forever Ago

2.  MGMT / Oracular Spectacular

1.  The Hold Steady / Stay Positive