Aren’t We Clever?

War, famine, health care, Tiger Woods’ marriage.  These are the important things that we should spend our time thinking about.  But I admit, I often spend inordinate amounts of time being irritated by things that don’t matter.  Such as the fact that Noodles & Co. has spaghetti and meatballs on their “American Food” menu. (In […]

The Gay Marriage “Smoking Gun”

Back in August, we profiled Dan Mielke, who is running against Sean Duffy for the Republican nomination to take on long-time Democratic Congressman Dave Obey in 2010.  When we last left Mielke, he was discussing his qualifications for office: Mr. Duffy is “more of a polished, celebrity-style politician,” Mr. Mielke said. “I’ve got a beard, […]

You Paid for This: In Dire Economic Times, Legislators Spend Millions to Improve Their Public Images

Recently, WPRI issued a report on term limits (authored by yours truly) that made the point that incumbent legislators are extremely difficult to oust from office, given the advantages they grant themselves in office. One of the most challenging aspects of running a legislative campaign as a non-incumbent is trying to get your message to […]