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The PGA Tour is Pretty Much an Inevitability At This Point

For decades, I have been golfing pretty terribly.  When I’m playing really well, I usually shoot in the low 40’s for a 9 hole round.  But I have never cracked the 40 mark – until yesterday.

Going into the last hole, I was only one over par.  If I got a par on the ninth, I would have finished with a 37, a score which I could play another 20 years and not match.  But, of course, I choked and put my drive in the water and double bogeyed the hole for the 39.  I finished with an 81 for the 18 hole round.

The moment was captured by my buddy Tom, who witnessed it all:

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So now, after almost hitting a home run, I’m running out of things to achieve.  Sharing a bubble bath with Katherine Heigl is up next.


  1. Does it count if you shoot it in capris?

  2. It’s really a shame you choked coming in. Without putting it in the drink, you could’ve had a 79. Where were you playing?

    BTW, please keep us informed on your progress on the Katherine Heigl bubble bath.

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