Again, sorry for the lack of blogging – work has taken up my time, as we will have a big project going public tomorrow with which I will likely bug you then. I have also spent much of my day burning all my Clay Aiken t-shirts and CDs. I\’m still numb from the shock.

In the meantime, I wanted to relay this story:

Yesterday, I found out that the wife of my best friend growing up (and namesake of the Dennis York blog and best man at my wedding), Dennis, gave birth. I had no idea she was even pregnant.

What followed was this e-mail exchange:

ME: \”You have a kid?\”

DENNIS: \”Yeah, turns out she wasn\’t just packing on a couple extra pounds – there was a kid in there.\”

ME: \”Cool.\”

And we\’ll probably go another month without talking about it.

Needless to say, my wife will be beside herself when she finds out I didn\’t even know my best friend\’s wife was pregnant. In my defense, they do live in Washington D.C.

Contrast this with what my wife likely will do when her best friends get pregnant. (We received news that one of my wife\’s friends and her husband have recently \”pulled the goalie,\” in pregnancy parlance – meaning they are trying to conceive.) My wife will provide them with weekly Excel graphs and spreadsheets on the stages of pregnancy, and various gestation timelines. She\’ll give them our \”What to Expect When You\’re Expecting\” books, and if they don\’t have time to read them, she\’ll read them to them over the phone. And if my wife\’s friend doesn\’t feel like having the kid at all, my wife will likely offer to carry the child to full term for them.

Next time Dennis and I talk will probably be when his wife has another kid. Or, more importantly, the next time my Packers play his Redskins.