Sorry I haven\’t been able to post in a few days – after three straight weeks in a row on the road, I need to settle down and regain my bearings a little bit. I\’m still a little disillusioned – I actually cried at the end of \”Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay\” tonight. Pretty much every day I\’ve been gone, my kids have been sick, so it\’s been pretty tough – aside from the fact that they barely recognize me anymore.

Making being on the road even tougher has been the absolute collapse of the Milwaukee Brewers. My friend Mark said tonight that he has calculated the Brewers\’ magic number: 2009. I\’m pretty sure the people in the Branch Davidian compound in Waco took solace by saying, \”well, at least we\’re not the Milwaukee Brewers.\”

Today\’s collapse against the Cubs was catastrophic. During the eighth inning, while the Crew was still up 4 runs, I was sitting at my computer at work, listening on my headphones. At that point, I realized I needed to make an emergency trip to the bathroom – but I couldn\’t stop listening to the game. So decided to try to sneak out of the office with my big headphones and walkman in tow, to listen to the bottom of the eighth on the throne. Of course, when I open my door, I realize the entire office has decided to hold a meeting right outside my doorway. They all look at me, big headphones in hand, and it is clear what I was up to. I figured they saw me anyway, so I darted out the door, pride be damned.

Fortunately, I listened to the eighth inning, where Mota mowed down three straight batters. Had I listened to the ninth inning in the can, someone would have called 911 based on the screams of pain and anguish emanating from the stall. Paramedics would have rushed in with the jaws of life. Of course, what I was doing would have been the same thing the Brewers were doing, just on a baseball field.

Strangely, Major League Baseball has already put together a video yearbook of the 2008 Milwaukee Brewers season:

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