Tonight, I returned from my 5-day trip up to Minneapolis for the Republican National Convention. After being gone so long, it was nice to see there wasn\’t some other guy living in my house that my kids called \”daddy.\”

However, I did have a choice to make – so think about what you would do in this situation:

On Monday, I got to the hotel and started pulling clothes out of my bag to put them in my hotel room drawers. After I pulled out a Brewer t-shirt, folded it, and put it away, I looked down at the floor and began to panic.

It was a pair of women\’s underwear. All by themselves, on the floor, staring at me.

Now, I am certain this is a pair of my wife\’s drawers that got stuck to one of my shirts in the laundry. But suppose there\’s a .0001% chance they\’re not hers, and you come home from a week long trip and say \”honey, here\’s your underwear?\” Is it worth the risk?

On the other hand, even if you\’re sure they\’re hers, do you throw out a perfectly good pair of underwear? It\’s not like we\’re the Hiltons – we can\’t just go crazy and start throwing out our perfectly serviceable undergarments.

So I got home tonight and started doing laundry. And there they were, in my bag. I rolled the dice and said \”honey, I think I have some of your underwear in my bag,\” and showed them to her.

As it turns out, they were hers. But she said, \”Are you crazy? You should have thrown them away.\”