As I\’m sure you read in last week\’s Wispolitics Report, I have signed on to cover the GOP convention in the Twin Cities next week for I\’m a little nervous, as I have never been to a national convention, and I\’m not exactly sure what goes on there. I imagine a full 60% of my posts will deal with funny hats. I\’m also not sure I have a hotel room, so I\’m thinking it might be a good week to try crystal meth, as I will need to stay awake for four straight days.

I also am not sure what kind of credential I\’ll have – although I think there\’s some value in describing a convention as virtually all the attendees experience it – from the outside. If you want hard hitting interviews with Ralph Reed, you should probably stick with the fully credentialed bloggers. But I imagine trying to put together some man-on-the-street stuff like I did for the Bill Clinton and Mike Huckabee campaign rallies here in Madison.

Coincidentally, the New York Times today ran a story about bloggers at the conventions. (I think I\’m a blogger, I guess.) You can always count on bloggers for examples of healthy self-esteem. From the NYT article, some lefty blogger who thinks he deserves full access:

But some bloggers see the procurement of credentials as less of a privilege and more of a right, in recognition of their grass-roots influence. “This is stuff we deserve — we helped the party get people elected,” said Matt Stoller, a political consultant and a contributor to the blog Open Left, who worked as the volunteer in charge of getting credentials for bloggers at the Democratic convention four years ago. “Maybe in 2004 it was about being accommodating and innovative — but this time around there’s a real fight for power in the party.”

I\’d love to see a list of candidates this dope thinks he helped get elected. Or any blogger of any party, for that matter.

The article goes on to detail bloggers who are raising money to attend their respective conventions by soliciting contributions on their blogs. I won\’t do that (although I will happily accept tips on good sandwich places in Minneapolis). Just read the stuff I post on Wispolitics and the WPRI site while I\’m there. Deal?