Okay, so explain this:

Just For Men hair coloring sauce, or however you\’d describe it, is really pushing the fact that you only have to keep it in for 5 minutes. They actually have one commercial (that I can\’t find online, you\’ll just have to take my word for it) where a woman offers a guy her hair coloring product, but he eschews her proposition, complaining that it takes a whole 30 minutes for her hair coloring to sink in.

Now, I recognize there are guys out there who color their hair. That\’s fine. The amount members of Congress collectively spend on hair dye probably dwarfs the GDP of Tanzania. In fact, according to this ad, once I start coloring my hair, I will immediately be able to go onstage and start playing guitar while a 25 year old blonde sticks her tongue in my ear.

But how many men choose their hair coloring product because they\’re always in a rush? Has any guy ever been like, \”I\’m meeting with my boss in 20 minutes to ask for a raise – if I only had time to color my hair. Oh really? Just five minutes? Give me that.\”

That point is made in a more subtle fashion in this ridiculous ad:

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What in the hell is going on here? Did Mommy leave because Daddy has gray hair? Was Daddy bringing home some substandard tail because he looked too old? Was this all some elaborate plot to get the old man out of the house so they could watch more Hannah Montana videos?

The real oversight is obvious – everyone knows that if these girls wanted to get hot women to throw themselves at their dad, they would have just told people he was a blogger.