Fun fact: I only own two NFL jerseys: Michael Vick and Brett Favre. And honestly, I\’m not sure which one I\’d be more embarrassed to wear in public. (On the bright side, in a couple of days my Favre jersey will officially become a \”throwback,\” and be worth triple what it is now.)

So the search is on for a new jersey, but I\’m not really sure who my second favorite Packer actually is. The problem is, most of the guys that I like the most (Woodson, Driver) are old – so if you go out and buy their jersey now, you\’re really not maximizing your dollar. Seriously – a Charles Woodson jersey should come with a 2009 expiration date.

All the other guys are too young and inexperienced to warrant a jersey purchase. Ryan Grant? Nah. Aaron Rodgers? You\’d be better off waiting a couple years and buying a Brohm jersey.

The one guy that kind of falls right in the middle is Greg Jennings. Young, productive, just hitting his stride, and (as far as we know) doesn\’t fight dogs. So unless I can be convinced otherwise, Jennings might be the winner. The downside, of course, is that if you wear a jersey of a player 10 years younger than you, it kind of looks like a cry for help.

The other direction to go would be just to get a jersey of some random ex-Packer that makes people chuckle when they see it. You still occasionally see people at games with a Jurkovic or Lamont Hollinquest Jersey. And, of course, those guys are unlikely to sully the name on their jersey – mostly because their names will never be uttered in public again.

Then again, I could just go out of the box and get a Clinton Portis jersey. I like his wacky disguises.

Oh, and as a postscript to the whole Favre thing, I have to mark this momentous occasion – very rarely do I disagree with Rick Esenberg on anything, but on the whole Favre issue, he is absolutely dead wrong. And given the poll numbers my employer just cranked out, it looks like most of Wisconsin is with me.

As my friend Mike put it in an e-mail:

Prima donna ingrate. If TO were pulling this stuff, Green Bay fans, Michael Hunt, Tom Oates, and all the radio guys would be screaming about what a piece of trash he was. But because it\’s Saint Favre, the rules are different.
Favre\’s been lying and leaking and scheming to wreck the Packers for 8 weeks.
If he cares so damn much about not wanting to be a distraction, he should go home and sit on his tractor.