As regular readers know, I am somewhat of a connoisseur of crazy people letters to state legislators. I was recently passed this one that\’s currently circulating around the Wisconsin State Capitol. It immediately makes the Crazy Letter Hall of Fame, which is getting pretty crowded at this point.

Much like a good novel of any particular genre, it contains all the hallmarks a crazy letter should:

1. Hatred of Jews: Check
2. Ridiculous conspiracy theories: Check
3. Belief they are the only ones standing up to the government: Check
4. Indication that \”this is not a joke,\” clearly indicating that it is, in fact, a joke: Check
5. Liberal use of the word \”warmonger:\” Check.
6. Use of own name in third person: Check.

Yet while all these characteristics are present, this letter throws in a few extras for the reader, such as Bill Richardson \”claiming to be a Mexican\” in hopes of \”pulling Spanish votes.\” (Perhaps he is unaware Mexico and Spain are on different continents.) As the rock-solid theory goes, Richardson is secretly Jewish, and is pretending to be \”a Mexican,\” so he and Obama get elected, then he and his Jewish friends plan on assassinating Obama so a Jew can be President. Then (stay with me, here) the Jews will orchestrate another 9/11, and once again blame it on bin Laden.

How this plot has escaped the Obama campaign is beyond me – the evidence is overwhelming. For instance, this guy conducted his own telephone survey, which determined that 100% of Jews support Obama. (\”You can do your own poll in one day by making random phone calls.\”) He forgot to mention that his poll has an error rate of plus or minus 100%.

You can see on his letter that he has his own (800) telephone number, where he can be reached in his compound in Glenmoore, PA – where he, no doubt, is about to expose the next big story in the campaign. He should actually have his own show on MSNBC.