With regard to the Packers\’ allegations against the Vikings for tampering with Brett Favre – the AP reports that Favre and Viking offensive coordinator (and former Badger) Darrell Bevell are good friends:

\”The person said the league already has reviewed evidence provided by the Packers, and team officials believe a league examination of telephone records would indicate more than “normal contact” between Favre and Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, a former Green Bay assistant.\”

Set aside for, a moment, all the jokes about what \”more than normal contact\” means. Here\’s the smoking gun:


If that\’s not proof, I don\’t know what is.

Today, this came through the wire at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:


Carlene and Duane Schultz thought creating a corn maze featuring Brett Favre\’s image on a Wisconsin farm would be anything but controversial.

The husband and wife said Favre is still welcome at the Schultz\’s Country Barn in Eleva, even though they\’ve received a few grumbling comments after the quarterback said he was considering a comeback and wanted a release from the Packers.

The Schultzes have had mazes created in their cornfield for the past three years and sold tickets for people to walk through it. The couple decided this spring to use Favre\’s image as a \”thank you\” after the quarterback announced his retirement.

Aren\’t children in Africa dying because we\’re in the midst of a corn shortage? Shouldn\’t Duane Schultz be making ethanol or something?

And finally, WisconsinEye recently filmed a few segments of the Joy Cardin Show on Wisconsin Public Radio. (I am biased, as I\’ve been on the show a couple times.) This segment includes a really interesting take by MATC history instructor Jonathan Pollack, who discusses the news about Favre in the larger context of Wisconsin culture. It\’s worth a watch.